Summertime does bring new delights to wild swimming in the Lake District, but the water is still cold for those who are unaccustomed to open water, particularly in the high tarns. For me, I am always cautious about swimming in new places. I visit these places first and look at the factors that make it a wise swimming location. I also consider the potential weather at the time, both good and bad. It has helped that I have been swimming through the seasons in the Lakes and so I have been assessing my favourite places over time. I've got to know them, and their moods. The learnings are clear though, how ever experienced you are, always take care in the water and swim with someone that is experienced. Knowing a swim place involves everything from access to the water, the  surrounding landscape, entry points, whether you are sharing the water with other users such as boats and choosing suitable distances and routes. From a good understanding of your swim spot, you can think about the right kit and whether there is a walk involved. Getting a clear plan in place will help you enjoy your time in the Lakes.