We drove up on a Friday night to High Yewdale campsite near Coniston. Kayaks, boards, tents and swimming gear crammed into the back of the car. Tents up and we sat around chatting about the options open to us. It rained pretty much all night and Saturday morning was dark and grey, which was unusual after the extreme heat of July. 

Wetsuits on, we set off for Coniston Water, parking up near to Peel Island where we launched the board and kayak and set off swimming - two mothers and their  boys. There is a real advantage to swimming in the rain and mist, where the Lakes become wonderfully quiet even in the summer, and superbly atmospheric. 

Low visibility, with the mist sweeping over the fells, made Coniston look endless. We could have been out at sea with just a desert island to ourselves. As long as the wind is low, and you have safety support and high visibility tow-floats and swim caps, these conditions can be really good.  But understanding distances and the terrain is important. For a body of water that often has lots of boating craft zig-zagging about, we enjoyed a solitude and a silence that is quite rare in these parts in the summer.

Even more delightful was a wander among the low fells for some relaxing tarn bathing, with the mist rolling down to water level enclosing us in its warm and deep embrace.. I love to share these places with friends, I could have stayed all day but concerned the elements would descend even further upon us, we retreated back to our sons, who were having their own adventure, still on Coniston Water. We headed up to the Three Shires Inn for dinner and to warm up.

Thanks to the team at Tri Westsuit Hire who provided the Goosehill paddle board, which performed brilliantly in some challenging weather and really contributed to the fun of the day.