I've been really looking forward to trying out my new RuckRaft from Above Below, since it arrived on Christmas morning. I always swim with a dry bag/tow float but I have found I am often a little squeezed for space. One of the things I like to do is swim a length of a lake and then get changed at the other end, taking a leisurely walk back. In the past I have had to ditch some items that I couldn't fit in the dry bag, taking only basic kit with me. 

The RuckRaft changes all of that. It has been designed for adventure swimming and it comes with a large, inflatable raft base and a massive dry bag. It has a number of securing straps for fastening the dry bag to the raft. Compared to a tow float it's really easy to inflate and looks quite big, which I like for visibility on the water.  

I chose a perfect, calm sunny day on Coniston Water, swimming with various stops near Peel Island. I was surprised that even with my full pack of clothes, towel, shoes and flask of tea, I couldn't actually feel the RuckRaft being towed behind me and it seemed to be really stable.  I will be interested to use it in more challenging weather to see how it responds in windy conditions. I really like this bit of kit, for any longer swim this would be my chosen way to transport my belongings.