Loughrigg Tarn is a convenient place to swim if you are driving up from the south. From Ambleside it only takes about 15 minutes to drive up and park and the walk, via the farm lane next to the campsite, is really short. So on New Year's Eve, in low light and mist swirling around the fells, we took all of our gear - wetsuits, socks, hats and swim gloves as we wanted to enjoy time in the water. In the summer this can be a busy swim spot and its beautiful round shape makes for easy, circular laps as you take a tour of the lily-pads growing all along the sides. But today, the water was still and dark with only bird-life to share the water with. After a short swim, we enjoyed some Christmas cake and Delia's mincemeat, apple and almond tart. As we walked away, loaded up with our bags, the rain started and I was torn as to whether that might have made the swim even more enjoyable. We managed to call in on Booth's on the way home for a bottle of Lakes Gin, ready for the evening celebrations. Happy New Year everyone.